Guns or minds – where does the trigger get pulled?

So many things have been written in the aftermath of that most tragic of events that happened in Connecticut. For many of us the horror of those events is almost too much to think about. We fear for the mortality of loved ones, extend arms of sympathy to those immediately affected and question how something like this happens.  

Gun laws have been called into question – as they always are in such times. And my own personal opinion is that the law of ownership and licensing of firearms of course needs to be reviewed. I don’t want ‘gun law’ to be a factor in the debate ever again.

But the reason for weighing in with my opinion on this subject, is a blog post written by a very brave mother. I have so much respect for her simply because of the honest and caring way in which she describes, well, how it is to know and love someone, when that someone is also a potential danger to himself and others.

Read her blog post and think about what our politicians should really be doing to prevent these kinds of tragedies.

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