Do you *really* not get it?

A friend posted a FB status update the other day  – acknowledging a tragic situation. Someone had thrown themselves under a train. A too often occurrence.

“May they find the peace in death they couldn’t find in life,” he wrote.

A kind, understanding and insightful comment I thought.

“I cannot imagine what it must feel like to believe that there is not a scrap of hope. To feel that this was the only door open,” said someone else.


“Always wonder about the desire to involve others in such situations tho..”

Um. Not sure I like where this is headed.

“How desperately tragic . A poor lost soul in a society where we are more connected than ever, allowing us to disconnect with those around us . So sad for all touched by this tragedy.”

Phew. This person gets it though.

What I think I know is that most. If not all people who take their own lives believe annihilation is preferable to living – and that to me is a source of regret and sadness. Like most people, it pisses me off to be over two hours late from work, but when I stop and think about it, think about the person who preferred violent death to living, it kind of makes me feel ashamed about my lack of proportion.” Said the original poster.

Wow. You sooo get it. I think I love you.

“You are far more forgiving than myself. If they want to end it then do it in a more dignified manner such as blades, drugs, drugs and alcohol, gas, rubber hose from exhaust to driver seating area, jump of a bridge. So many ways to end it minus disrupting over people’s lives.”

Ah. This person. Now, you seem to have a lack of understanding me thinks. Bordering on being a bit of a prick*. Hopefully you’re being ironic.

Also comments “…multiple persons that had to endure tonight’s selfish act of killing themselves publicly. Don’t drag us all into your misery.”

Hello? Really? You’re more concerned about the inconvenience now?

In summary: A lot of us get it. Not everyone though. Which means there’s still some educating to do.

*he’s not a complete prick of course, just a bit ignorant about this particular issue,



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1 Response to Do you *really* not get it?

  1. Killingdanse says:

    My personal favorite response to people who don’t get it is – It’s okay that you don’t, if my pain is inconvenient there is the door. – If you want to talk I will listen, if you want to preach, I don’t have the time or the patience. That usually stops and restarts this particular conversation in a positive way.

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